Strategic Pre-Construction

We supply your project with an enhanced yet comprehensive plan for scheduling, cost, and deliverables.

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Customarily when you outsource to help you with pre-construction comprises of operating introductory planning to determine how the project is going to run. When we dive into a pre-construction project our main objective is to provide information for a business so they can make an intelligent decision about the scopes of their project and determine if the project can even be done. If the company decided to pursue the project our pre-construction efforts will determine budget and schedule.

Our Process

  1. We will book a conference with the business owners and their associates to see exactly where they are in the project and discover what the client wants to accomplish and what type of issues need to be settled.
  2. Our team of experts will assess the work required to get you to the next phase of the project. Once that is determined we will demonstrate what is needed within a timeframe.

What are the end results & how our clients benefit

Our main objective is a concrete project scope, a mapped out timeline and estimated cost for the business owner. Our calculated cost is extremely accurate and will be determined how much accuracy is needed for our clients.

Our clients benefit in multiple ways and utilized our pre-construction procedures to measure the scope of their projects and get a clear understanding what is needed from a capital standpoint. The value we bring to the table is always appreciated because of the invisible potential risk we reveal. This decreases financial hazard for our clients which we all know is extremely useful.

How will preconstruction influence the overall project?

Our preconstruction endeavors have a substantial impact on construction projects due to the fact we simply save the investors time and money by deploying our experts to figure cost and schedule so you budget accordingly. One of the major advantages business owners have when working with us is discovering unexpected delays and cost. The ability to recognize possible disasters before they happen is crucial when setting a budget.

Before your project even launches there are several issues that should be approached by with specialist in that particular area. That means for scheduling we bring in experienced professionals to the table that will lay out everything in clear and concise manner to ensure we can execute the strategy.

Project workability

There are no two building the same and by comprehending every element of the project is crucial to a successful endeavor. We put our efforts into identifying capabilities of the drivers so we can understand if the business owners goals are feasible.

Forming partnerships

We succeed because our clients succeed and developing meaningful trustworthy partnerships is crucial to us. Maintaining a solid relationship with excellent communication is the key to a successful project. It takes a lot of energy to develop solid relationships that last and we pride ourselves on that.

Not everyone is fit to do business together so if we are not a good fit for a company we will let it be known. Not taking on every project thrown at us has helped us to perform better and acquire quality clients instead of quantity.

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