Specializing In Multi-Use Facility

Benefit from being around different businesses and expose your brand to a variety of foot traffic. Lower risk and one govern body taking care of the entire building.

Multi Purpose Building
Escalator In Multi Purpose Facility

Many people spend a lot of time and money going through the commercial real estate to find the right area for their business and rightly so location is extremely crucial. Nevertheless, there’s something that is even more important which is the space that you are going to be conducting business in. This is where multi-purpose buildings come into play and let us tell you the functionality that these commercial buildings offer are a seriously effective way of doing business. You have the option to incorporate residential, organizations, and industrial operations into one building. For this reason, is why RimStone Construction has invested into these types of buildings.


When your looking for foot traffic and a high volume of people and want these people to be qualified to purchase your product or services location is going to be your best friend. If there are potential buyers walking by your business on daily bases a multi-purpose facility could be ideal. Consumers love to save time and money if they can but convenience is extremely valuable. When your business is around other businesses in the same building you receive instant exposure to a variety of people. With a nice design combined with attractive signage, you could attract a larget customer base withing a multi-purpose building.

Safety Code Obedience

As a business with a physical location, you will always need to deal with regulations for safety and zoning. The great part about leasing space in a multi-purpose building is you can take advantage of compliance of ventilation, parking, and inspections. The reason for this is because multi-facility real estate are managed by one entity and it’s the management that needs their space to be ready to rent on a giving notice.

People are connected

When there is a mix of businesses in one development the community stays connected because you have educational buildings, fitness facilities, restaurants, and different types of services. This reduces pollution because the use of vehicles is decreased.


What it comes down to is if you are looking to combine different facilities for your community the multi-purpose layout will definitely fit your needs. Consider a multi-purpose facility in your region and let us know how we can help. As business grow and attempt to reach out to their community they want to offer space where you don’t need to leave. Looking to workout, educate yourself, or network a multi-purpose facility will fit in perfectly.