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When working with different firms and business owners they see the value in the type of technology we bring to the table. They understand bringing this element to their employees is crucial to stay up to date with the times. All in all, we help them run their business even more efficiently than before. For this reason, we have collaborated with many data technology construction projects. 


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If you're not familiar with what a General Contractor actually does we are going to break down the job description right here and now. So sit back grab a cup of coffee or favorite beverage and dive right in.

By definition and overall responsibility, a general contractor oversees all on the job activities of a construction project. Whether that project is a residential home or commercial building. The top professionals in the construction industry have the vast knowledge of every type of work being performed on the job site. For example, the general contractor needs to understand every step of the roofer they hire out.

The reason for this is to plan and strategies the entire project to a tee. Avoiding hang ups like material delivery or on the site accidents is crucial to a successful project. Comprehending this type of activity will also put the actual business owner at ease a bit knowing they hired out the right contractor for the job.

Construction psychotherapy

Construction sites can become very stressful at times especially to meet the demands of time. When there is a problem that arises on a job site it's the contractor who deals with it. Providing that there is a conflict of delivery of materials or a subcontractor simply wants to vent their frustrations it's the contractor who draws an ear. The general contractor is there for everyone's needs and can talk you through almost every situation

Financial Advice

Take advantage of your contractor's experience. The veteran general contractor has been around the way and has the privilege to deal with all types of banks, lenders, and warranty experts. Don't be afraid to ask them their opinion on the deal your getting. There's not a large percentage of people who pay all cash and will usually finance a portion of their project. Obviously the better rates and lenders you work with the more money you can save overall.

How To Choose A General Contractor In Fort Collins

I think we have all heard the horror stories about hiring a general contractor and made the project an absolute nightmare. Although you do need to watch out for builders cutting corners to save time and money there are many honest and experienced building contractors out there in the Fort Collins region.

Naturally, we will want to find the contractor that fits our budget but please do yourself a favor and do not let bids solely influence your decision when hiring out builders.

There are many signs and guidelines you can follow to make sure you hire out the right person for your specific job.


In this day and age, the way your contractor communicates with you is crucial to your success. Some of us like to interact through email, text, or even Facebook messenger while others prefer in-person meetings. The point is to find someone that takes this into consideration. One of the first things that we ask our clients is "how do you prefer to  communicate?" This is a sure-fire sign your contractor is on their A Game.

Obtain a proposal

Ask for a proposal in writing or printed so the both of you can sign the agreement. Be absolutely sure all of the work is lined out in the document and both parties are on the same page. The last thing you want is to start a project and your builder starts telling you they never agreed to that type of work. General contractors that are in the industry to add value will actually go above and beyond the contract.

Have confidence in your decision

This is a tough one because even when you hire out a person you have known a long time, which by the way may not be your best bet, you are not always going to be 100% at ease. If you are feeling extremely uneasy about the candidates you should continue shopping around. Don't be in a hurry with this and attempt to trust your gut.

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