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When you need a floor plan to help increase sales and productivity for your team we are the go-to designers in the business. Innovative design that will enhance your businesses effectiveness.

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When your creating real estate from scratch or even if you already have investments out there you need to be able to create floor plans digitally. Yes there are several tools online you can use to help you with this process but who has time for that? That is why RimStone Construction has in-house floor plan developers to help you get your ideas out and become tangible.

Whether you have a storefront or residential home your floor plan can make or break you. At RimStone Construction we assist our clients in creating floor plans that allow your customers to move around with ease and ultimately allow you to increase profit. When your shoppers or customers are satisfied sales increase.

That’s the name of the game. You need to have a clear understanding of how much space you can utilize to display merchandise or set your team up for success if you are dealing with office space. Purchasing a building or home can be exciting but many people are not prepared to deal with certain events that arise.

Floor planning can definitely be one of them. Choosing the wrong layout may decrease your businesses ability to run at it’s highest potential. Who is responsible for choosing the layout of your building? Do you work as a team or lay it all on one person like the designer? If that is the case you might want to rethink this strategy.

This is wehre we come in and help businesses choose the right floor plan that will benefit their company the most. Bringing your team together to create and choose a floor plan is extremely important and that is where we first start. Conducting a discovery meeting to brainstorm of how the floor plan is going to work efficiently is a great way to bring in important factors one person will probably miss. Weighing pros and cons of the layout options will help you to determine and come to a decision. There a few alternatives when it comes to choosing a floor plan and we would like to layout some of our favorite options.

Axis Layout is a central framework and companies that sell multiple products will benefit the most. This layout presents the ability to show branded messaging on two tiers. Usually the axis layout comes with more than one entries and exit areas.

Plaza Layout pushes out framework near the ailes and leaves a lot of open space in the center for people to mingle and develop relationships.

The Theater Layout is utilized to supply a presentation. For example if you want to offer a demo of your product this is the best way to go.