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The more we build the more we learn. If you have been in the real estate development industry for a long period of time you understand mistakes happen. What we have learned to do is limit our mistakes and capitalize.

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Whether you have the vision to start a new business in a brand new building or build on to your existing business we can help your vision become a reality. Our unique and proven approach to commercial construction is comprised of quality, workmanship, efficiency, and ethics.

We take a lot of pride in helping our clients receive word class feels when doing business with us. From the beginning to the end and even after our project is complete we continue to add value. Regardless of the type of business, you're involved in we can help. Everything from Restaurants to hotels we have the experience and management necessary to take on projects of any size. Additionally, we focus on combining the right team of professionals that are dedicated to your success. The best business owners in the world are very well aware of this concept and we adopt the same principles.

Analyzing and managing Risk

 Obviously, construction investments and building can be a risky business. That said it has been said that is a lot less complex than the software industry. The reason for this is simply because it's all about utilizing the right specialist in each phase of the design. When you put together the right group of people that are experts in certain areas of your project you set yourself up for success.

Analyzing risk is intended to plan, survey, and manage deliverable needed to prevent disasters like going over budget or setbacks that can put the project under. The way we go about doing this is exposing hazards before they happen with a pre-construction layout.

This can get a bit complicated and that’s the last thing we want to do so we listed the basic components of risk management:

  1. Risk Evaluation
  2. Exposing hazards and assess profitability
  3. Risk management by controlling each phase
  4. Reducing chance and retain finances.

 The commercial construction atmosphere explained

 Many commercial arises by bidding on an architect’s design. You will have several investors or business owners go through a process where they present a dollar amount along with a strategy. Usually, the persons who come up with the most enticing bid and plan win the design.

Commercial development is derived from the demand of our economy. The larger the population and jobs around a certain area the more building and office space they need to operate. For example, you have businesses that need more room to operate or retail stores that need a place to sell goods to the community. As the city grows new commercial construction is established to meet the needs of a new business.

Many builders will narrow down their specialty to certain layouts and design. For example, one commercial builder may specialize in a certain market or be the go-to builder for high rise building like you see on the east coast of the United States.

Each city covers all this with what they call building codes which are usually paid for by the commercial builder. Keeping that in mind builders always have to deal with code inspectors which are always a third party company that works on their own time. Establishing a good relationship with these inspectors is critical to a builders success. The reason for this is because time is an extremely important factor in making a profit. The more time it takes to complete a project the more money it cost out of the budget. The faster the inspector approves a phase of the project the sooner work can be finalized. When inspectors don’t make that particular project a priority delays can take place causing the budget to be sucked up faster than expected.

How we stay on top and succeed

Our aim is to set up for success in the beginning. Our experts of pre-construction allow us to focus on what matters which is of course budget and schedule. Exposing unknown hazards that most can't’ see gives us an unfair advantage over most builders.

Our objective over the course of the year is to have multiple streams of projects that allow us to predict profit. Meaning the more we build the more we learn from our mistakes. This process will never really be perfect but that’s exactly where we are trying to go.

Additionally, when we show a consistent profit it makes it that much easier to deal with banks and obtain favorable loans.


 Our attention to excellence and the relationships we build is how we succeed. We understand business owners and investors have many options when choosing a builder to fit their needs so open communication and pleasing our clients is how we usually come up on top.

Please feel free to reach out to us via email or phone to set up a meeting. Free consultations and bids are always offered to interested customers.